Speaker list

29 July Ian Pearson, Club member Cold War Warriors – RAAF P-3 Orion Operations 1968-1991
24 June Commodore Norman Lee, RAN (Ret’d), Club life member Aircraft I have flown
27 May Group Captain R.J. ‘Chuck’ Connor, retired RAAF pilot Caribou Operations with UN in Kashmir (UNMOGIP)
29 April Greg Hood, Chief Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau Australian National Transport Safety Investigation Agency
25 March Air Commodore John Meier, (RAAFAR), Director-General History and Heritage-Air Force The changing face of RAAF History and Heritage
25 February Air Commodore Jim Cole, AM, (Ret’d), Club member and former helicopter and VIP aircraft pilot and commanding officer Flying with the US Navy in Antarctica and other operations
29 October Ken Llewellyn, author, journalist and senior RAAF public relations officer Taking Battle of Britain Heroes to the UK for 50th Anniversary
18 September Air Commodore (Dr) Mark Lax AOM, CSM (Ret’d), AAC member and RAAF historian The History of the RAAF – 1972-1996
27 February Lance Halvorson, AAC member and retired RAAF navigator The Australia Flying Corps in the Great War
31 October Air Vice-Marshal John McGarry, AM, CSC (Retd) Backing his people
26 September Merv Fowler, AAC member The joy in owning your own aircraft
29 August Air Commodore (Dr) Mark Lax, AAC member What happened to the AFC Half Flight
25 July Martin Susans – RAAF fast jet pilot, private aircraft owner and Club member Restoration of a Ryan STM
27 June Nick Coulson – Retired RAAF and CASA test pilot Flight test of the Southern Cross replica
30 May Terry Wilson – RAAF fighter and helicopter pilot Helicopter operations in the Sinai
18 April Bob Richardson – AAC member and retired RAAF fighter and test pilot Selecting the RAAF fighter replacement for the Mirage
28 March Ian Pearson – AAC member The loss of P-3B Orion A9-296
28 February Mick Haxell, DFC – Air Force pilot 9 Squadron operations in Vietnam
25 October Doug Hurst – AAC member The Domino Theory
27 September Dave Rogers and Lance Halvorson – AAC members and F-4 and F-111 pilot and navigator respectively Ferry of F-4, F-111 and F/A-18 to Australia
30 August Martin Aubury Nevil Shute – Author and Pilot
26 July Martin James – RAAF Historian The Battle of the Bismarck Sea
19 June Ed Williams Evolution of aircraft navigation
31 May Sanu Kainikara – RAAF Air Power Strategist Flying the MiG
26 April Bob Richardson – AAC member and retired RAAF fighter and test pilot The combat capability of the modern RAAF
29 March Howard Brady Antarctic geology
22 February Peter Rusbridge Measure of real defence capability
26 October Doug Hurst – AAC member The Far East Air Force
28 September Marjorie Pagani – CEO Angel Flight Angel Flight operations in Australia
31 August Bill Owen – experienced RN and RAN submarine commander Submarines since 1967 – what about the future?
27 July George Penfound Vickers and the TSR2
29 June Mike Gahan – aviation adviser Aviation infrastructure in third world states
25 May Martin Aubury, RAeS – Retired airworthiness engineer involved in development of the Boeing 747 Boeing’s incredible 747
27 April Dr John Dawson – Head of the Positioning Section at Geoscience Australia A trial satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS) for Australia
30 March Neville Blyth – Manager Major Projects ATSB A quick look inside the Australian Transport Safety Bureau – Australia’s independent transport safety investigator
23 February Air Vice-Marshal ‘Mac’ Weller, AM, Retd Huey Support in Vietnam
27 October Peter Foley – ATSB Program Director, Operational Search for MH 370 The search for MH370
29 September John Paule – AAC member My Vietnam experiences
25 August David Edmunds – aviation author and advocate Oshkosh 2016 and Canberra’s second airport saga
28 July Owen Zupp – AAC member Phil Zupp – a life in the sky
30 June AIRCDRE Alan Clements – Commandant ADFA and F8 Meteor pilot Flying the F8 Meteor
26 May Doug Hurst – AAC Member Transport Support Flight Butterworth & the Cold War
28 April Commodore Drew McKinnie, RANR – Chair GFA Ops Panel The sport of gliding
31 March Commodore Vince di Pietro, RAN – immediate past Commander RAN Fleet Air Arm 39 years of naval aviation
25 February Steve Tizzard – aviation consultant and investigator Political and financial impediments to flight safety
29 October Ian Pearson & Doug Hurst – AAC members Cold War Maritime air operations
24 September Anita Taylor – CASA Board Member Future of recreational aviation in Australia
27 August Peter Rusbridge – AAC member Aircrew training reform – a serious business
30 July SQNLDR David Hood, RAAF C-27J Spartan: certification and capabilities
25 June Ben Matthes – AAC member Reasons to travel – Birdsville and beyond
28 May Merv Fowler – AAC member Extreme aircraft instrumentation – my amazing journey
30 April RADM Raydon Gates (Retd) – CE LM Aust & NZ An aerospace update from Lockheed Martin
26 March Ian Honnery – CE Aerospace Maritime and Defence Foundation of Australia Aerospace and defence exposition
26 February MAJGEN Jim Molan (Retd) Middle East operations
30 October Jeff Boyd CASA Deputy Chair An update on CASA activities
25 September Philip Kinnane – AAC member Development of the RAAF’s air refuelling capability
28 August Ian Pearson – AAC member Southern Ocean rescues
31 July Philip Clay Much more than [Fokker] Friendship
26 June Mark Boast My career in military aviation
29 May Bill Owens – AAC member By submarine under the Arctic ice 1965
24 April Lorraine Litster – AAC member My doubtful career in aviation
27 March Ron Gretton and Mark Skidmore – RAAF Museum The Bristol Boxkite replica story
27 February Norman Lee – Committee Member Some lesser moments in aviation
31 October Ms Margaret Staib (AVM Retd) CEO Airservices Australia
26 September Terry Roach – Submarine Institute of Australia Why submarines for Australia
29 August David Edmunds – aviation author and advocate Recreational airfield for Canberra
25 July Dr Robert Lee – former BASI Director Human Factors in Safety
27 June Laurie Wilson – President National Press Club Personal perceptions of a political journalist
30 May Ron Doggett – AAC member Charles member Karman – engineer, inventor, businessman, musician, philanthropist
18 April John White – former AWM aircraft curator Personal reflections on departure as the AWM Aircraft Collection Curator
28 March Margaret Hadfield-Zorgdrager & Dr Kathryn Spurling – Hadfield Gallery “A grave too far away” – A tribute to Australians in member II RAF Bomber Command
28 February Gary Waters – Kokoda Foundation Modern cyber warfare – offence and defence
25 October ACM Angus Houston (Rtd) – Chair Airservices Australia A personal perspective
27 September Bob Howe – AAC member 2 SQN riverine operations in Vietnam
30 August John McCormick -– Director Civil Aviation Safety Authority CASA today, the director’s view
26 July John Wood – AAC member Affordable safety, Class G Airspace trial and other matters
28 June John McCaffrey – AAC member A virtual tour of the AWM
31 May Graham Dyke – AAC member No1 Squadron and the Malayan Emergency
26 April LEUT James Hawley RAN – Naval Aviation Warfare Instructor Modern naval combat helicopter operations
29 March Rod Bencke – AAC member V Bombers development and personal flying experiences
23 February Peter Reddel – AAC member Current Civil Transport Aircraft Development
27 October Michael Cleaver – AAC member Oshkosh – an adventure
22 September Prof Brian O’Keeffe – AAC member Future Navigation System – history and way forward
25 August AVM Kym “Koz” Osley – New Air Combat Capability Joint Strike Fighter
28 July Dr Miriam Baltuck – Canberra Deep Space Comms Complex and NASA Ops. Apollo XI moon landing on 21 July 1969 theme
30 June Ian Mallett – AAC member GPS, performance-based navigation
26 May AIRMSHL Mark Binskin – Chief of Air Force RAAF view to the future
28 April Laddie Hindley – AAC member Helicopter operations in Australia and PNG
31 March Jim Cullens – AAC member Glider operations WWII
23 February John Daly – AAC member Personal aviation experiences
30 September Graham Neil – AAC member FAC in Vietnam
26 August Norman Lee – Committee Member Reflections on early RAN helicopter ops
29 July Stephen Byron Canberra Airport
24 June Owen Zupp “there and back”
27 May Jeff Boyd Brindabella airlines and the changing operating environment for GA
29 April Mike Watson Low flying accidents
25 March Phil Byrne P3 v submarine
25 February John White Australians in WWII Bomber Command
29 October Phil Byrne P3 v submarine
24 September Graham Moss Building airports in the South Pacific
27 August Bob Howe – Retired RAAF navigator / weapons officer The PGM revolution for Australia:  air weapons projects – 1970s
30 July Rhonda Parnell A life with aviation
25 June John Quaife Experiences as a fighter pilot & my experience as director of the Combined Air Operations Centre in the Middle East
28 May Stewart Back Jindalee
30 April Andrew McLaughlin The future
26 March Neil Campbell TWA 800 Accident – Australian participation in the investigation.
26 February Ron Green It’s a Mirage!!
30 October Owen Zupp SQNLDR McGlashan – Dunkirk to D-Day
25 September Doug Hurst RAAF in Korea
28 August Jim Flemming In flight refuelling
31 July Harry Julian “How does it feel?”
26 June John White WWI aircraft restoration project
29 May Kenny Love Temora Aviation Museum
24 April Norman Lee Training fighter pilots Lossiemouth 1960s
27 March Col Joe Rears Defence Aviation Training & Rotary Wind Developments.
28 February AIRCDRE Jack Plenty RAAF Air Lift Group
25 October Merv Fowler James Reason accident investigation model
27 September Craig Saddler Boeing Australia
30 August John White Restoring G for George and other aircraft at the AWM
26 July Brett Leyshon ATSB Lockhart River crash
28 June Bill Ely Evolution in navigation technology
31 May Graham Dyke Antarctic aviation
26 April Kristen Alexander Jack Davenport
29 March Dave Rogers Ejection from F-111
22 February Kristen Anderson Clive Caldwell & other WWII Australian fighter pilots
26 October Gordon Taylor
28 September Richard Low Jeppesen’s electronic flight bag
31 August Dick Cresswell My career as a fighter pilot
27 July Norman Lee RAN carrier ops in Korean war, with some lighter moments
29 June Merv Fowler Runway Safety
25 May Ben Rayner Canberra International Airport future
27 April Ian Kerr WIGs
30 March Merv Fowler Runway safety
23 Feb Rod Luke RAAF flying training
24 April Greg Dunstone – ADSB Project Manager, AirServices Australia Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast
31 July Colin Torkington – former Air Navigation Commissioner with ICAO A lifetime of change in aviation
24 June Dan Kennedy – President, Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia
29 April Rob lee – Director, Bureau of Air Safety Investigation
25 March Mick Toller – CAA Director of Aviation Safety
25 February Genine Wallinga – Manager, Canberra & SE Regional Airports, Ansett Australia
5 November Paul Middleton – Operations Manager, Australian Ultralight Association Ultralight aircraft in Australia
24 September Joe Hattley – BASI, Accident Investigation Branch The TWA 800 accident
27 August Dr Paul Scully-Power – Astronaut and CASA Board Member Aviation – from the seaplane to the shuttle
30 July Dr Amanda Dines – RAAF doctor Operation BLAZER – medical support to UN operations in Iraq
25 June Laddy Hindley – retired RAAF and civilian pilot Poilice helicopter operations – New Guinea style
30 April Mike Lehan – Director, Australian Naval Aviation Museum Nowra History of naval aviation
26 March John Staal – Rockwell Australia Air navigation changing technology
26 February Terry Snow – leader of a group of Canberra businessmen bidding for Canberra Airport Capital Airport Group – Vision for Canberra Airport
14 November Bill Pollard – AirServices
24 October Trevor Kaine – former Chief Minister of the ACT Canberra International Airport – the future has landed
28 August Mal Grosse – British Aerospace, Project Manager for the Eurofighter The Hawk and introducing the Eurofighter
31 July Andrew Mason – marketing Director, Forbes Mason and Brennan The effect of a very fast train on Canberra’s transportation links
26 June Howard Knox – Federal Airports Corporation, Manager of Bankstown, Camden and Hoxton Park Airports Bankstown Airport and the Bankstown Aviation Museum
29 May Gary Ticehurst – President, Helicopter Association of Australia Helicopters – now and the future
24 April Air Marshal David Evans, AC, DSO, AFC (Ret’d) – former Chief of Air Staff and RAAF pilot The Berlin Airlift
27 March Adrian Dumsa – Airspace and Air Routes Manager, Operations Policy Branch, AirServices Australia Airspace 2000
27 February John Wallington – Balloon Aloft Round the world by balloon
31 October Buck Brooksbank The importance of compromise
26 September Max Hazelton, Deputy Chairman, Hazelton Airlines Hazelton Airlines – 43 years in aviation
25 July Air Marshal Les Fisher The RAAF – today and tomorrow
27 June Gary Humphries, MLA Future aviation facilities for Canberra
30 May Ian Mallett – Flying Operations Inspector of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and Manager (Operations) of the Satellite Navigation project office GPS issues – facts and fallacies
2 May Les Reading – Acting Project Director, National Air & Space Museum of Australia (NASMA) The development and future of NASMA
28 March Ian Honnery – Chief Executive, Airshows Downunder Airshows Downunder ’97 – promoting partnership for progress in the Asia Pacific
28 September Don Kendell – founder Kendell Airlines Kendell Airlines
31 August Harry Walton – Technical manager, Australian Ultralight Federation Ultralight aircraft operations in Australia and the benefits of self-administration
25 May Don Gray – former Director National Mapping and former Director Honeysuckle Creek and Tidbinbilla Space Tracking Stations The future of space flight
27 October Peter Hillas – (Ansett) State Manager for Victoria Ansett Australia – Australia’s newest international airline
25 August John White – Curator of Aircraft, Australian War Memorial Escorted visit to The Treloar Centre
30 June Ian Badham – Executive Director, Careflight Careflight
26 May Storry Walton – National Public Affairs manager, The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia The development of The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia
28 April John White – Curator of Aircraft, Australian War Memorial The past, present and future plans of the Memorial’s collection of aircraft
31 March Peter Patroni – President, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association General aviation aircraft and airspace management
24 February John Wallington – Balloon Aloft Pty Ltd The first successful trans Australia balloon flight
28 October Doug Roser – Chief Executive, Civil Aviation Authority Civil aviation update
30 September Keith Engelsman – former Navy pilot, ETPS graduate and current test pilot with the Civil Aviation Authority The certification of locally designed and manufactured light and ultralight aircraft
1 April Air Commodore James Coward, AFC (Ret’d) – Battle of Britain veteran Reminiscing on RAF service
29 October Ted Ankarum – NASA, Senior Representative (Australia) NASA Aeronautics
24 September John Cureton – Canberra Manager, Qantas Qantas, Australia and the way ahead
25 June Ken Helm – Helm Wines Cool climate wines
31 October Air Chief Marshal Sir Neville McNamara – former Air Force pilot and Chief of the Defence Force Staff Reminiscing
26 September Gordon Jones – GIO Insurance The current aviation insurance industry
29 August Harry Bradford – General Manager, Hawker de Havilland Australian Aviation College (Parafield, South Australia) and former Air Force bomber and test pilot
25 July Ron Cooper – CAA General Manager, Safety Regulations and Standards Changes in the Australian civil aviation industry
30 May Peter Smith – Commercial Director, Hawker deHavilland The present state of the Australian aerospace industry
28 March Brian O’Keefe – CAA General Manager, Research & Development, and ICAO Future air navigation system (FANS)
28 February Stewart Wilson – aviation author