Uncrewed systems presentation by Dr Reece Clothier (29 September 2022)

Nevil Shute
On 30 August 2018 Martin Aubury addressed us on ‘Nevil Shute – Author and Pilot’.   By way of follow-up, see Nevil Shute Norway (1899 -1960) – Engineer and Novelist

Forty years of NASA-Australian Cooperation
Paper by Dr Miriam Baltuck and collaborators

Aviation Daydreaming
Paper delivered to the World Aviation Congress, 19 October 1999, by NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin

Saving VH-OJH
PowerPoint show detailing the incredible efforts to restore to airworthiness its B-747-438 VH-OJH ‘Longreach’ after it left the end of RWY 21L at Bangkok International Airport on the night of 23 September 1999.

The Next Generation Fixed Wing Flight Helmet
7:44 video – the Next Generation Fixed Wing Flight Helmet by Lift Airborne Technologies.   It’s designed to replace all of the old-school flight helmets and currently being tested on F-22s. 

USAF 5th Generation Pilot Training
10:54 video

The (unofficial) rules of flying

Awesome Aircraft Paint Jobs – self explanatory – some very imaginative paint schemes.

COVID-19 quarantine coping mechanisms # 754

If you have run out of other things to do during the COVID-19 lockdown, at least you don’t need to be grounded!


Vulcan 558
4:09 attractive aerial footage of Vulcan 558 – now sadly grounded due operating costs.

Rogue Hunter
4:48 video describing how, in 1968 an RAF pilot flew his Hawker Hunter jet fighter into central London on an unauthorised mission and proceeded to make one of the most impressive and memorable political protests in British history, using some of the UK’s most famous buildings.

Stockholm Mosquitos
5:40 video outlining the Stockholm Express,  a highly successful and secret courier service BOAC operated between the UK and Sweden during WWII.

Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik
1:11 video showing the S-70 Okhotnik (‘Hunter’) unmanned combat aerial vehicle designed by Sukhoi.   The secretive aircraft is said to be able to collect intelligence and to strike enemy targets.   The technical specifications of the brand new UCAV remain classified, although some media reports suggest it has a takeoff weight of between 20 and 25 tons and an operational range of 5,000km while being allegedly able to operate at a supersonic speed of 1,400 km/h (870mph).

Marty & Geoff Susan’s Ryan STM
In 1972, whilst based at RAAF Amberley, Martin Susans and his brother Geoff embarked on the rebuilding of an antique Ryan STM – Sports Trainer Military.
Built by the Ryan Aeronautical Company of San Diego in November 1940 as Serial Number 467 the aircraft was one of 108 such machines delivered to the Netherlands East Indies Armed Forces in 1940/41, primarily for basic pilot training.   In 1943, as the war approached, 33 of these aircraft were moved to Australia to continue their training task in safety.   After the war, the Ryans were sold to aero clubs throughout Australia, #467 becoming VH-RAE.
On 25 July 2019 Marty provided an excellent presentation to the Aviation Club about the project to restore VH-RAE to flying status – some of the photos he shared with us are attached below.   (Use the pause button on the slide and manually advance with the arrows if the change speed is faster than you prefer.)   The slideshow will be updated as VH-RAE continues its journey back to the air.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Unique Video Interview with Neil Armstrong
49:53 video   Amidst the current enormous media coverage of the 50th anniversary of what is probably the most well known flight test activity, the Moon landing, this rare personal interview with Neil Armstrong on or about 24 May 2012 stands out as probably the most detailed and revealing of all.   With his relatively sudden death just three months later after heart bypass surgery, this was his last such recorded interview.   Club member Bob Richardson, who watched the first moonwalk on his portable TV in the ARDU crewroom with all the test pilots and many others there at the time, has never forgotten the wonder of that historic occasion.   He regards this interview as the best record available of this remarkable test pilot and role model to the profession.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 6.56.35 pm.png
Nick Coulson – our guest speaker 27 June 2019 (article from RAAF News, December 1987)

Warbirds Downunder 2018 video
The team at the Temora Aviation Museum has released an outstanding 1:17:40 video recording the Warbirds Downunder 2018 airshow weekend.   Click below to either
stream high definition video , download high definition video, or just
watch the video on Vimeo.

Australian Aviation Club speaker named as ‘Iconic Indian Air Warrior’
Sanu Kainikara - Iconic Indian Warrior

What’s missing from modern-day air shows

Video of pilot landing his one winged plane becomes YouTube hit
1.07 video shows Red Bull Air Race pilot James Andersson performing tricks at an airfield before losing his right wing as he climbs thousands of feet.   Mr Andersson desperately tries to control the plane as it loses hundreds of feet, before coming to a miraculously safe, if bumpy, landing.   But speculation is rife on the internet about the authenticity of the film – you be the judge!

Against the odds – escapes and evasions by allied airmen, World War II
Ripping yarns in an e-book compiled by the late Murray Adams, MID Legion de Honour, and published by the Air Power Development Centre.

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 1.50.15 pm.png
Click link to download a 100 page history of RAAF Amberley  from 1939 to present.

Aircraft arrivals at Avalon 2019
19:31 video showing aircraft arriving for Avalon Airshow 2019

WW2 Lancaster operations
57:50 rare colour video filmed in 1944 by Air Commodore Henry Iliffe Couzens, the commander of 15 base (the airfelds of which were Scampton, Hemswell and Fiskerton).   Couzens continued to fly bombing raids up to 1944, when a direct order forbidding station commanders flying operationally prevented his further active participation.   He retired in 1956 as Deputy Chief of Staff (Air Training).

WW2 B-17 operations
37:06 colour video of B-17 operations from England to Wilhelmshaven and (for some), return.

Aircraft of US generals
Text and slides.   (Remember when ‘gay’ meant ‘happy’ and only Generals had Aid(e)s?   Well, it seems the Generals also had aircraft.)

Of Sons and Skies
We’ve been asked by the publishers to mention ‘Of Sons and Skies’, a new book by ex-BBC producer Robert Arley that provides a people’s perspective on the aerial challenges of WW2 and is peppered with appreciation for the vital contribution made by Australians.

Lockheed Skunk Works e-book
Aviation Week is offering an e-book on the history of Lockheed’s Skunk Works.   It’s free but you may need to register for access.

Last Flight of the Vulcan
1:12 video   The 57-year-old nuclear bomber – XH558 – flew for the last time in October 2015 after a summer delighting millions of people at air shows and fly-pasts around the UK.   The owners of the last airworthy Vulcan bomber have promised the much-loved Cold War relic will eventually return to public view after they were forced to put it into ‘hibernation’.

Thunderchief F-105 Air Force pilots of Operation Rolling Thunder
Portrait photo essay of recollections from former Thud pilots

Willow Run B-24 Liberator assembly plant
7:03 historical video.   The  long hangar at Willow Run, Michigan has a 90 degree turn in it so Henry Ford would not have to pay taxes in the next county.    The short end is being saved and restored as a museum.   Production began here six months BEFORE Pearl Harbour!   Henry Ford was determined that he could mass produce bombers just as he had with cars, so he built the Willow Run assembly plant and proved it.   This was the world’s largest building under one roof at the time, producing one B-24 every 55 minutes – and Ford had its own pilots to test them.

Aircraft losses of the Vietnam War
Text and photos detailing the US and North Vietnamese aircraft lost during the Vietnam War.   There are some inaccuracies, including the omission of the two (minimum) USN P-3s lost during MARKET TIME operations.

The combat capability of the modern RAAF
The text and slides from Club member Bob Richardson’s outstanding presentation on 26 April 2018.

The Far East Air Force
Please click on the highlighted links for the text and slides for Doug Hurst’s excellent Far East Air Force presentation delivered on 26 October 2017.

Pizza, cookies and Chick-fil-A: F-22 refueling banter will leave you hungry
Two videos (1:36 and 7:56) – inflight catering during AAR sorties.

Memphis Belle makes public debut at National Museum of the US Air Force
Print, photo and (1:35) video coverage of the installment of the Memphis Belle at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

A steed reborn
Website dedicated to the Australian War Memorial’s restoration of OV-10A Bronco 67-14639, flown in Vietnam by at least seven RAAF Forward Air Controllers including AAC member, Graham Neil.

East Sale operations – 1955
8:30 video – Golden Fleece Review promotional footage that features Mk30 Lincoln, C-47, Mk55 Vampire and 77SQN F8 Meteors.

What it’s like to own and fly a Mustang
Article – interview with experienced Mustang pilot, Ron Fernuik

Flying bathtub
4:08 video – German ingenuity – going shopping in a private bathtub helo

50 years ago, a B-52 crashed in Greenland … with 4 nuclear bombs on board
(The Associated Press) Fifty years ago, on Jan. 21, 1968, the Cold War grew significantly colder. It was on this day that an American B-52G Stratofortress bomber, carrying four nuclear bombs, crashed onto the sea ice of Wolstenholme Fjord in the northwest corner of Greenland, one of the coldest places on Earth. Greenland is part of the Kingdom of Denmark, and the Danes were not pleased!

Landing with more POB than at takeoff
2:22 video showing two wingsuiters landing inside an aircraft in flight.

Jetpack daredevils race with the French Air Force
3:26 video featuring the Patrouille de France flying with the three Jetmen Yves Rossy, Vincent Reffet and Fred Fugen.

Moose Peterson’s Guide to Aerial Photography
1:14 video – Moose Peterson has built up a body of work from visiting air shows, sitting in the co-pilot’s seat and hanging out in hangars. Over the course of this video, you’ll be treated to Peterson’s best work in this genre, all while absorbing his tips, tricks, and techniques for photographing static, ground-to-air and air-to-air aircraft. After watching, you’ll be inspired to get started or build on your own collection of aerial photographs, with a mind to publishing your work in the specialized market of aviation magazines.

Christmas greetings with an aviation theme
Story and 7:03 embedded video

WWII bombers over Arizona landscape
2:45 video of B17 and B25 flying over the Arizona landscape – it’s HD so go to full screen for the best effect

Fighter Pilots Can’t Fight If They Can’t See
Canopy visibility is as important now as it was during World War II – photo essay covering the changing shape of fighter aircraft canopies

The Airbus story
1 hour:50mins documentary video

Oshkosh 2016
Photo essay showing the breadth of participation in the Oshkosh 2016 fly-in

British Airways A318 London City service
3:57 video of BA Airbus 318 approach and land at London City Airport

Low flying aircraft
Captioned photos of low-level flypasts over the years

15 incredible facts about the SR-71 Blackbird
Slideshow and text highlighting aspects of the SR-71 Blackbird

Beaver gallery
4:17 video and unusual soundtrack featuring a collection of DHC-2 Beavers

Impressive Boeing 737 takeoff
2:27 video of B737 Max making a short field very high angle of attack takeoff at Farnborough 2016

WWII aircraft lying in the airplane graveyard in the Pacific
Photo and text coverage

18 Spitfires and 6 Hurricanes take to the skies once more
58 photos and video from activities to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain

World record eagle flight from world’s tallest building
2:00 video – eagle’s flight from the top of the world’s tallest building to his handler below.
On Saturday, 14th March, an eagle was fitted with a camera . . . and “Eaglecam” and took flight from that building, the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai.

Why the Luftwaffe failed in World War 2
11:17 video Powerpoint presentation outlining issues that contributed to Luftwaffe’s failure during WWII

F-35B ship suitability testing
3:04 video made in the Atlantic, just off Newport News (Hampton Roads), Virginia.  These are the latest sea trials of the F-35B on the USS WASP.   The trials were very successful, with 74 VLs and STOs in a 3-week period.   The media and the program critics had predicted that it would burn holes in the deck and wash sailors overboard.  Neither of which happened.   You will notice a sailor standing on the bow of the ship as the jet rotates.   That was an intentional part of the sea trials.   No catapult…no hook…. It’s a new world out there!

AMARG – Davis-Montham
(Link may not open in Explorer – if so, try Firefox (which does work) or other preferred browser.)    The site features a 360 degrees panoramic view of the parts reclamation area of the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group.   The area beyond the overpass (heading towards the hangars) is where aircraft are initially assessed, made safe, sealed and placed in long term storage awaiting possible future use.   By the time the aircraft make the journey across the overpass to the area featured on this site their end is nigh!   (Pima Air & Space Museum is visible the mid-distance, towards the hills.)

An excellent selection of images and videos featuring Spitfires

Transport Support Flight Butterworth and the Cold War
Text of Doug Hurst’s presentation to the AAC 26 May 2016

XC-120 “Pack Plane”
4:25 video – Apparently, only one XC-120 was ever built.   Although the aircraft was tested extensively and made numerous air show appearances in the early 1950s, the project went no further.   The sole prototype was eventually scrapped.

Raising  Airbus 320 from the Hudson
PowerPoint slides showing recovery of US Airways Flight 1549 from the Hudson River

GFA presentation to Australian Aviation Club – 28 April 2016

US WW2 Aircraft Facts
Text and photos highlighting aircraft production during WWII

Air Force One move at National USAF Museum
Text, photos and 1:18 video (unfortunately with short advertisement!) detailing the move of SAM 26000 into the main National USAF Museum complex

Closure of Boeing’s historic Plant 2
Text and photos giving a thumbnail history of Boeing’s Plant 2

Homebuilt 1:1 scale flying Spitfire
6:00 video – Bob DeFord of Prescott, Arizona, dreamed of owning a Spitfire. He couldn’t afford one. He built his own, a homebuilt Spitfire, powered by an Allison V-12 engine.

Flying DH Mosquito KA114
16:20 cockpit video of a wide circuit

Aviation observations
One-liners – some new ones and others you may have heard a few times before

Watch a B-1 Lancer perform a double aileron roll during an airshow
0:27 video and links to related B-1B articles and video

All American – a tale of survival
Text and photos detailing the miraculous survival of B-17F ‘All American‘ (and the real story)!

Flydubai B738 at Rostov on Don on 19 March 2016
Explanatory text, audio and videos

Brian Shul – From Butterflies to Blackbirds
52:29 video – Brian Shul delivering a lecture on his experiences flying the SR-71

Why do Boeing planes start and end with the number 7?

The flying pancake
Text and photos about an unusual aircraft

How we do it – Red Bull Glider skydiver transfer
4:54 video – features Red Bull glider formation team and explanation of skydiver transfer technique and some very skilful glider flying

Boeing Phantom Eye
2:21 video – Promotional clip for Boeing’s high altitude long endurance UAV

Rick and the Lancaster Bomber
6:52 video – flight in Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Lancaster

Flight 1549 3D reconstruction, Hudson River ditching 15 January 2009
7:21 video – graphic reconstruction of Captain Sullenberger’s ditching of US Airways Flight 1549 (with links to alternate perspectives)

PR Spitfire
14:39 video – documentary about WWII PR Spitfire operations

Global Aviation Resource
On-line aviation magazine with videos, photo essays and more

Flying Opera
3:53 video – opera with a twist (and a few rolls)

A Pilot’s View: Queenstown, New Zealand
4:11 video – sometimes what a pilot sees in a day, people won’t see in their lifetimes.

Merlin formation
44:49 – video hog heaven – 10 Rolls Royce Merlin engines (one Lancaster, one Mosquito, two Spitfires and two Hurricanes) over Southern Ontario

Julie in the sky
On-line aviation magazine with videos and photo essays

Flying Lancasters
3:19 video of Canadian Warplane Heritage and Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancasters flying together

Life magazine aircraft photos
58 pages of historic aircraft photos

Centenary of Military Aviation – Point Cook Airshow, March 2014
Photo essay of airshow participants

Super Cool P-51D Mustang
3:05 video – this RC model will totally give the controller a first person view of the flying experience through a live feed video on the ground. The realistic and fully animated cockpit is to scale.  Old 80’s GI Joe for the hands, jacket, pants and 5&9 gram servos for the pilot’s head camera was used.

The Plane Picture Company Galleries
Six galleries of photos from John Dibbs’ collection

Aviation videos
Dozens of aviation videos to view

Highlights from the Battle of Britain 75th anniversary flypast
2:27 video with Battle of Britain movie theme music

Enjoy a video walk around of the only flying Boeing B-29 Superfortress heavy bomber
35:36 video featuring B-29 Fifi

Budapest 2014 airshow highlights
3:05 video – watch out for the helo!

Vulcan cockpit video
12:20 video featuring vision taken from the aircraft

Vulcan XV558 at Eastbourne – 15 August 2015 – one of its last flights
3:54 video of an iconic aircraft taken from an iconic location

Naval Carrier Aviation
14:48 video of USN carrier ops

Presentation by Sir Charles Haddon-Cave – Lessons from the Nimrod Review
Text of presentation to the USI of the ACT – 9 Apr 14

Below: the aviation art of Nevill Parnell – a small sample of Nevill’s outstanding photography over the years